Guest Cards

About the Guest cards

As a member of Linnéstudenterna you are able to buy a guest card for a friend that doesn’t study here.

The guest cards are released on Sunday 20:00 week before the event. We release 50 tickets for each night and the tickets can only be bought online.

A guest card cost 120kr on Fridays and 70kr on Thursdays this payment is only for the guest which means that the host still needs to pay normal price at the entrance.

When you being your purchase a guest cards will be reserved for 15 minutes. This is the time you have to complete your order. If you haven´t completed the purchase within those 10 minutes the guest cards will be released once again for others to buy and you will need to restart you purchase.

The guest card is delivered as an SMS to the host with a link to a QR-code. The code will be scanned at the entrance to Slottsstallarna and a code can only be used once.

If you need to do changes or make a buyback on a bought guest card this needs to be done before 18:00 the same night as the event and you need to contact

Don’t forget that you always need yo show ID card in the entrance and you need both your guests and your personal security number to buy a guest card.

Remember as a host you are always responsible for your guests actions and any rule violations therefore only buy guest cards for people you know and trust.